The Colorful Perspective.

In the Bible, after the storm with Noah, his family members and the animals, God sent a rainbow. The rainbow signified God’s covenant with man, it gave man the assurance that God would always be there no matter what, it gave man hope for the future. Imagine if He sent two- double the blessing.

Basically, this blog is about me, my colorful experiences and my perspective on certain issues in our world today. My blog is named double rainbow because I love colors and the rainbow is a wonderful representation of a mixture of colors.

 Double rainbows are rare, this shows the rarity of my kind.

I won’t be dwelling on just the colors of the rainbow but on different colors, how they affect me as a person and what they mean to me. I would also be posting the names of the songs I listen to on the side because I notice when I’m writing and listening to music, it helps the word flow.

I hope everyone enjoys reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.




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