An extra special color.

Sometime in 2014, I had a chat with a little girl. She was the younger sister of one of my closest friends. Her elder sister (my friend) had told her a lot about me and she was very curious to know if all the stories were true. She was bent on knowing much about my best friend and I. She wanted to know how we became besties, how we kept our friendship going and a lot more. I was surprised at how well she typed since she was using her sister’s phone and how she was able to tackle autocorrect as most of us do not have the patience.

She then asked me general questions; favorite food, favorite movie, favorite book, then favorite color. Sincerely, I don’t have a favorite color, if it looks good, it looks good but I told her purple because I felt giving her a complex answer would task her little mind. She told me she liked purple too but her favorite color was MAGENTA. I was confused, I didn’t know what magenta was, I had never heard anything like it. The only word I had ever heard that was similar to that was “ma je ata” which is Yoruba for “don’t eat pepper”. I heard it once when my aunt was complaining about her tongue’s reaction to pepper.

I immediately googled magenta and found out it was actually a color. To confirm I asked her what magenta was and she told me it was a mixture of purple and red but some people think its pink. I was shocked. I had to ask her elder sister how she found out about the color and how she knows soo much. Her sister told me she liked to read a lot and that was where she usually got her ideas from.

Whenever I hear or see magenta, I smile. It reminds me of that little girl and the creativity of her mind at such a tender age. It reminds me never to underestimate the little ones.





The Colorful Perspective.

In the Bible, after the storm with Noah, his family members and the animals, God sent a rainbow. The rainbow signified God’s covenant with man, it gave man the assurance that God would always be there no matter what, it gave man hope for the future. Imagine if He sent two- double the blessing.

Basically, this blog is about me, my colorful experiences and my perspective on certain issues in our world today. My blog is named double rainbow because I love colors and the rainbow is a wonderful representation of a mixture of colors.

 Double rainbows are rare, this shows the rarity of my kind.

I won’t be dwelling on just the colors of the rainbow but on different colors, how they affect me as a person and what they mean to me. I would also be posting the names of the songs I listen to on the side because I notice when I’m writing and listening to music, it helps the word flow.

I hope everyone enjoys reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.